26 Jan 2010
Hi all, happy new year!~

For updates please check my deviantART & blog (Chinese).

I've also released a small booklet - Kuang Hong Postcard Collection

10 Aug 2008
I just moved back to Shanghai, about time for a change of environment again. Please look forward to new works I'll be updating!

3 Mar 2008
Woah, certainly been a while since I'd updated. Had a 2 page feature in the Feb issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine, will update with the scans soon. Here's wishing you a very very very belated happy new year.

4 Feb 2007
how's everyone doing? CGWallpapers.com has just launched along with some of my and other fantastic artists' works. do check it out, it's a great way to support some of your favorite artists and you get some beautiful hi-res wallpapers.

13 June 2006

cover image for July's issue of ImagineFX, you can find the cover image here.

28 Mar 2006
well, more texts than usual. hope i don't bore you.

had an interview done for the spring issue of japanese magazine Kikan-S (Vol 14). iIf you read jap go grab a copy, it looks good just that i can't understand. ^^;

also had an interview done with 2DArtist Magazine for the March issue (the making of myworld was in the feb issue), you can download a copy here (3.01mb, pdf).

last one is an interview/portfolio feature done for ImagineFX, which i am sure quite a number of people have seen, march06 issue.

22 Feb 2006
the tutorials section. right click on .my.world. and save target/link.

10 Dec 2005

a commission i did earlier in the year. to paint ms thora birch in my own interpretation with green eyes and brown wavy hair...

13 Nov 2005

some mag cover commission done quite a while ago.
bird, usually known as turtledove or mourning dove.

17 Sept 2005


26 July 2005
CGSociety :: Reader Project: Sinner
The making of 'Sinner'

tutorial for .sinner.
haven't done one of these in ages. took me a while on and off as much as it seems extremely short.. zem helped out translating the whole thing, thank you so much ^^

my space at messs.cc.


28 June 2005

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